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Every seat a window seat.

AirVan-InteriorThis is the AirVan Interior, and the first seat on the right side of the photo is the pilot, and the first seat on the left will be one of you, the co-pilot! The three seats behind that one are on the right side and in the back, the love seat, is really nice and cozy and both persons share the right window and left window for all around viewing. This is my favorite seat because I am a view hog, I want to see it all and have the extra room to stretch my legs!

Seating is important when touring and we take extra special care to make sure you have a great view. We know for many this tour is a the highlight of their visit to Hawaii, and we want each and every person to really enjoy it, and not have to stress about a stranger sitting next to them and blocking their view.

On the island of Kauai, all the air tour companies fly in a clockwise motion around the island, and the views are thus often out the right window. So here at Wings, the only seat we always fill on the left side of our plane is the pilot, and the seat behind him we fill if you are a family of six and that way the person can move across and share the right side window with a loved one, and not have to bump up into a stranger. While at the same time that person has their own window and a beautiful private experience as well, and whenever we fill the entire plane with your family, the pilot does more circling to make sure everyone is happy throughout the tour.

The beaches on the road to Hana are spectacular!


Just outside of the town of Hana is Wai’ānapanapa State Park. It is ruggedly beautiful with a lava outcropping just offshore to a small, black sand beach perfect for sunbathing. It sprawls 122 acres and has a picnic area, native Hala forest, cave, blowholes, shoreline fishing and camping.

The best boat ride ever!


I really want to let you all know about the Na Pali Experience.

My daughter Mary and I agree that it is the best boat tour we have ever done on Kauai. We always went on the larger catamarans because I wanted to be comfortable, but Nate at Na Pali Experience has designed the ultimate tour. His boat is very comfortable and very small, which gives you two things I had never seen before…sea caves and snorkeling at Nualolo!

Both extraordinary and well worth the money. Check out the photo Mary took of the dolphins under her feet! Thank you Nate for an incredible day!

Evening Shopping in Lahaina

b2ap3_thumbnail_lahaina_shoppingAn evening walk on Front Street will introduce you to the many shops available to satisfy all your shopping needs.  Be it gifts for the friends back home or memorabilia for yourself, Lahaina is the place to spend some great browsing time.

Choose from a variety of restaurants with outstanding water views and then take off on a walk through town.  You'll have many great photo and shopping opportunities.

Lahaina offers a look back through time when whaling ships lined the offshore landscape.  There is history here that can't be found anywhere else on the islands and it's all within walking distance.


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