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A walk on the Lahaina Boardwalk


A boardwalk stroll after dinner is a great way to experience the town of Lahaina.  With its many shops and dining opportunities, you'll soon be captured by it's unique history.

Although whaling has been banned, its markings are all over the town.  If you're traveling between December and April, you'll have opportunity to take a whale watching tour.  It's hard not to get caught up in the history!

Either, by day or night, Lahaina is an exciting place to spend some time.  With it's museums, churches and schools, you'll be able to feel something more than a trip to the city.  


Take a trip to Haleakala on Maui

It's hard to beat a sunrise on Haleakala!  You'll need to be up early and after a 2 hour drive from the Kaanapali area this is what will greet you!  Our experience was shared with probably 1,000 others that made a similar trip.  
Be sure to dress in layers, the temperature at the top is nothing less than breathtaking.  The trip down the mountain can be exciting and full of great picture opportunities.  Take some time to explore the area and stop for breakfast along the way.
It was a great day and you can read more about this Island Attraction by Clicking Here.

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