We've built this site to solve a very basic problem; how do we keep businesses and customers in contact before, during and after their island visit. 

Although our initial design catered to visitors to the islands, we've expanded it to accommodate island residents as well.

As a member, (memberships are free for consumers, event posters, and a basic business profile; there is a small annual charge for our premium business profile), you can create a profile that's geared to do business. 

With a "basic" business member profile, you'll have the ability to inform site visitors about your location, products and/or services.  Sample Profile

With a "premium membership" you'll have top billing in all searches and you're able to fully promote your business.  Our visitors are able to index your business and easily find you again; whenever the need arises.  You also have the ability to submit articles on subjects particular to your business and services offered.  The more information you make available to visitors, the better your chances to establish new clients.  Every item you create is a new pathway for a visitor to find you.  Sample Profile

With a free traveler/event poster profile you'll be able to post events to our calendar, blog and establish connections with business members.  These connections will give you a greater opportunity to plan your trip and perhaps save money on activities and services offered.

It's a simple formula, join, list, search, find and save. 

Take advantage of our charter business membership and lock in your favored pricing for as long as you keep your membership active.

Membership levels and pricing can be found by clicking here.